Sunday, January 16, 2011

mount: unknown filesystem type 'HPFS/NTFS'

I ran into this error when I tried to set my external hard drive to automatically mount to the same mount point on every reboot. First, I went into the disk utility in Ubuntu and got the file system type which was HPFS/NTFS. I got my UUID and entered this line into my fstab file:
UUID=b3a0378a-c352-47fe-ac88-cf2a9d815e13 /media/Backup  HPFS/NTFS defaults 0 0

Then, I ran mount -a to  remount everything in my fstab file but ran into this error:
mount: unknown filesystem type 'HPFS/NTFS'

I couldn't find a solution anywhere on the Internet but then remembered I set this drive to the ext4 file system when I formatted it. I changed my fstab file to reflect that:
UUID=b3a0378a-c352-47fe-ac88-cf2a9d815e13 /media/Backup ext4 defaults 0 0

After re-running mount -a everything worked.

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Lonnie-inu said...

Now, I ran into this same problem, but I had not done any reformating. My file system was listed as HPFS/NTFS, which was a no-go. When I got a little sneaker, I looked in 'Gparted'. It was listed there as just NTFS, but it was not until I changed it to lower case ntfs that it took.