Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blackberry Storm Battery Drain

I recently upgraded my phone to After doing so, I noticed that my Storm's battery would be drained by noon with little or no use. It appears I inadvertently turned something on or the upgrade turned something on that was draining the battery. I already had blue tooth turned off. I found an option on the phone called "Location Aiding" that was turned on. This apparently enhances the GPS on your phone. I noticed nothing different with this feature so I turned it off. Voila, my battery was back to normal.

Turn off location aiding
Depending on your wireless service provider and wireless network, this feature might not be supported. By default, location aiding is turned on to improve the performance of GPS technology. When location aiding is turned on, your BlackBerry® device connects to a central server periodically, which can increase your data service charges. To avoid these charges, you can turn off location aiding, but it might take longer for your device to get your GPS location. For more information, contact your wireless service provider.

1. On the Home screen, click the Options icon.
2. Click Advanced Options.
3. Click GPS.
4. Change the Location Aiding field to Disabled.
5. Press the Menu key.
6. Click Save.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to Remove FullAccess from ALL Exchange Mailboxes

The following is the Exchange 2007 Management Shell script to remove FullAccess off all mailboxes for a specific username:

get-mailbox | Add-MailboxPermission -User 'domain\user' -Deny -AccessRights FullAccess

The -User 'domain\user' is the user account you want to remove FullAccess for.

For additional information:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Backup Exec Error 0xe00084f4

I am running Backup Exec 12.5 rev 2213. My Exchange backups stopped working all of a sudden, for no reason. The backup was failing on a Windows 2008 Server with Exchange 2007 SP1 update 8.

The error I was getting was this:

Completed status: Failed Final error: 0xe00084f4 - An unknown error has occurred. Final error category: System Errors For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-34036

Backup- computername
An unknown error occurred on device "HP 1". V-79-57344-34036 - An unknown error has occurred.

I tried creating a new job, backing up one item at a time and about 100 other things. Nothing worked including Symantec's escalated "support." Strange thing was my Information Store backups would still work, but none of my system state, C drive etc...

I mistakenly created a new job but didn't pick the media set I usually use for my exchange jobs. Viola, the backup worked.

I simply created a new media set and changed it in the backup job. Job runs perfectly again.